About Jimmy Yessian

Jimmy Yessian ~ is a passionate live performer who connects instantly with his audiences. He has performed around the United States and Europe with artists as diverse as Brian White,Jeffrey Steele,Anthony Smith,Allan Rich,Steve Dorff, Al Anderson and Chuck Cannon to name a few.

Yessian was invited and performed in Venice,Italy for the World Global Party to help raise money for children’s charities from 180 countries.

His song "Stand Tall America," co-written with Gary Baker ("I Swear" and "I'm Already There") and Jerry Williams was the featured song in the PBS aired documentary film One Voice/ The Healing Pole
and is the lead song on the Inspiration New York CD.  

Currently Jimmy is performing with the “Tall Men Group” and with Jeff Kossack as the duo - “From Different Mothers”.

Video: From The album "Not a Wave Goes by: Jimmy Yessian




Los Angeles, CA, USA

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